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ILO and Fundación ONCE | An Inclusive Digital Economy for People with Disabilities

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On February 10, during the Zero Project 2021 Conference, Fundación ONCE presented, along with the International Labour Organization’s Global Business and Disability Network, the publication of the “An Inclusive Digital Economy for People with Disabilities” report. This project was created to increase awareness of the impact of a digital world of work on people with disabilities and identify actions needed to shape a future of work in a more disability-including way.

The main incentives for an inclusive digital labour market identified in this report were:

1. Ensuring accessibility for people with disabilities
2. Promoting digital skills amongst people with disabilities
3. Promoting the digital employment of people with disabilities

The project was developed under the Disability Hub Europe (DHub), a European initiative led by Fundación ONCE and co-financed by the European Social Fund and is based on the publication “Making the Future of Inclusive Work for People with Disabilities”, developed by Fundación ONCE and the ILO Global Business and Disability Network in 2019.